27 September 2009


I had a migraine yesterday.  Oooh I hate migraines.  It was the first one in a long time, and I wasn't happy.  I spent the afternoon in bed, trying to sleep, but mostly focusing on the light on the lavender.  My vision gets really distorted and it did not look like this in my mind.

After sleeping it off, going on a little hike and eating a burrito, I felt much better, so Alex and I did a little experiment.  After this picture, we put up a divider, and painted each others portraits.

This is my portrait of Alex.

This is her portrait of me.  It was a very fascinating exercise in that both the subject and the painter were both showcased in the paintings.  I think that the painter almost shows through more in a way.  We discussed each others techniques and approach because it was so interesting how different they were.

Alex and Alex.

Afterward we tried a joint painting, but that one was a lot different.  More on that experiment tomorrow...

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