30 September 2009

Farewell September

So here's our second painting experiment of that night.  We decided to do a joint painting of sunflowers.  By that point I was tired so I did mine very quickly.

It's not done yet, but this is where it's at now.  It's pretty happy, but I much preferred the process of painting separately without being able to see the other.  We are different enough that we didn't really play off of one another, but rather just compared as we went, which wasn't as comfortable.  But still a very fascinating experience... an "art night" turned into many psychological discussions... fun!

I pressed a bunch of leaves while they're still green, and hung them in my room.  They're lovely; they twirl in the breeze, and I think they will make me smile when it starts to snow.

Two days ago it was in the 80s and had been sunny for a good three weeks or more.  Suddenly today, on the last day of September, the high is 46 and it's overcast.  But, that's the perfect sort of day for catching up on homework in bed, and making cookies.

The scene of the cookie making [peekaboo]

 As I started to slip into sleep while reading, my chances at a nap were suddenly jarred when the sounds of heavy machinery began outside my window.  At first I thought they were trimming branches, but after a couple hours, this was the result.  And it was such a big beautiful tree...

Goodbye, September, you were nice, but October is lookin' good.

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