21 September 2009

A very good weekend

This weekend was so lovely.  Motorcycle rides, evening hikes, playing with the dogs, farmer's market, painting, and cooking.  And lots of hugs.  It was the last weekend before my Mom leaves for Antarctica; she'll be gone for six months.  It was so nice - beautiful sunsets and crisp autumn air.  We made green tomato salsa, pizza dough, leek pie, lemon bars, etc.  Delicious!  I also broke out my new watercolor set and tried to remember some of the basics, and this was the outcome:

This one I tried to use very little color... and it's a little monochromatic for my taste.  I tried to make note of the mistakes so I could improve next time.

This one I went for way more color, but the grass looks like a prairie fire... Ultimately, I think I remembered some old techniques and learned some new ones to avoid... I can't wait to try again soon.

 Fresh ingredients for green tomato salsa!

 Mmm, homemade lemon bars... so good.

Scott bought me some beautiful peachy-colored carnations that just look so nice in their green vase on my desk.  They've been making me smile all day.

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