26 September 2009

Whooo am I?

This past week was difficult.  But little things made it better, like lovely people visiting at work, packages full of Godiva chocolate, sunset hikes in the North Hills, and phone calls from far away friends.

I love the magic glow in the evenings.  When I was younger I used to hate that time of day, because I dreaded the darkness... I hated going to sleep because there was so much I still wanted to do everyday.  I still am that way a little bit, but how can I hate that glow?

Despite the bright spots that helped this past week, I'm still left feeling very unsettled.  Yesterday I paced around the house with twitchy fingers, half-heartedly doing chores to at least feel productive.  Mostly I just shuffled about, feeling uneasy.  Sometimes I feel like my life has been so fragmented - a little chunk here, a big chunk there, and without any cohesion.

I'm working on that - the cohesion part.  It's a strange thing to have held several different lifes - to have been several different people.  Of course I'm just me, but sometimes I feel so disjointed.

Whoooo am I?

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