10 October 2009

green tomatoes

Here's a close up of my green tomatoes painting I did last night.  Alex and I were cold and tired, so we decided to wrap up in sweaters and blankets, and paint.  It did wonders for my soul.
A few things:
- Tomorrow night is supposed to have record low temperatures.  Ahem.
- I'm making these tomorrow.
- I don't fail very often when it comes to baking, but this was epic.  I got distracted (dancing to Etta James) while measuring the flour, and added a whole extra cup.  Which resulted in dough, not cake batter.  Which resulted in dense apple bread, not fluffy apple cake.  So sad.
- I want these.
- I can't foresee myself ever getting sick of Fleet Foxes first album and I can't wait for what's next.  So, finding this was very exciting... it's Robin Pecknold's site for experiments.

Good night.

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