28 November 2009

thanksgiving break

I hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving!  Mine was productive, at least.  My entire extended family got together in Charlotte, NC to celebrate, and ooh I was so jealous.  Big thanksgivings with the Graham family has always been one of my favorite things, but my mom, stepdad, brother, and I are all off doing our things right now, so not only could we not attend, but we weren't even together. Not one of us.  I went to my roommate's parents' house, which was lovely.  Her mother made some of the best vegetarian stuffing I have ever had.

The rest of my break from school has been really relaxing, except for those panicked moments where I remember that I only have two weeks left of classes and I have three research papers, response papers, and exams to complete in that time.  But forget about that!  I've been so grateful for these few days of calm, filled with good food, good friends, swimming, creative endeavors, and I even had time to do laundry... freshly clean sheets!

Last night I spent the night at my parents empty house in the Bitterroot.  I wrote 6,000 words in novel, completely catching up to where I was supposed to be.  I only have about 3,000 left to go!  AHH!  I also went for a walk with the dogs, and baked an apple galette.  Mmm, with tons of cinnamon.  Now I'm just procrastinating; I want to get my novel done tonight, a couple days early of the deadline so I can move on to the insanity of an ending semester without the insanity of the novel hovering over my head.

Aren't the colors of Autumn just the best?

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  1. the eys of a photographer
    like the sky
    show nothing but the sun

    nice eye/photos/color/light


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