24 November 2009

the cat says moo

I grew up with three cats.  Each was, well, to put it kindly, quite eccentric.  But I absolutely adored them, and when I was little, even considered them my siblings.  The last one died a couple years ago, and since then there haven't been any kitties in my life, except for the ones along my walk to school, which I always stop to cuddle.

For now, I live vicariously through Katie Sokoler's relationship with her ridiculously adorable cat, Moo.  Her blog is one of my all time favorites, and her pictures are just so full of color and life.  She even did an entire post about 13 things she loves about Moo, which made me want a kitty 13 times more than I already did.

Until my travels stop and I settle somewhere (ha, in another lifetime?), I'll just keep loving Katie's pictures of Moo.

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