01 December 2009

my my, that moon

 I talked with my dear friend Jordan today.   While the sunlight was dwindling here, casting that golden glow on the mountains, it was dark on the east coast where she was, and she kept raving about the moon.  How curious, to hear how beautiful the moon will be before it's appeared.  And let me say, I was smitten as well.  Tomorrow is the full moon, and I'll be strolling up in the North Hills with Alex, letting the moonlight show the path.
I'm listening to NPR's live coverage of Obama's address on Afghanistan, partly because his voice is soothing to me (is that weird?), partly because I feel a responsibility to know what our country is doing, and partly because I know at work tomorrow, people will come in ranting or raving about it, and I don't want to just shrug.
I've had trouble sleeping lately, and it's really starting to bother me because it's affecting my days.  Last night my brain was buzzing at 2:30am, thinking about love, death, falling, traveling, writing, buzzzz!  And then I slept through my first, very important, class.  Ugh.
For now, I'm off to make myself huevos rancheros for dinner, which I make for myself very often, but when you have a whole bunch of ripening avocados, what choice do you have?  That's just an excuse - I'm simply addicted.
Oh, and happy December!

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