10 December 2009


early morning
[sorry for the poor quality]

- relief to be done with this week that was over-saturated with research papers... whew!
- warm cheeks from drinking a full sail amber
- cozy toes in my new wool socks

- soo many clementines!  i bought a big bag and have been eating them constantly; i've been leaving little piles of peels.  what's more satisfying than removing the rind in one piece?
- the whole-wheat chocolate-chip banana bread i baked, mmm...

- the one thing about montana is that there are hardly as many birds as there are in new england, and i miss all the chirping.  yet this morning, i woke up and all i could hear was birds singing.  perhaps they were passing through, but either way it was a lovely sound to wake up to
- the beautiful voices of mariee sioux ["flowers and blood"] and alela diane ["tatted lace"]

- chlorine from my bathing suit; i've been swimming about three times a week which has been so awesome
- citrus wonder from all my clementine peels
- ginger from the cookies my roommate baked - SO good

- another person awake in the very early morning (top picture)
- the sun shining through the pretty wine bottles left on my windowsill from a week ago (bottom picture)

-watching the light change from my big cozy bed.  those red flannel sheets are just too good.

late morning

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