30 September 2009

Farewell September

So here's our second painting experiment of that night.  We decided to do a joint painting of sunflowers.  By that point I was tired so I did mine very quickly.

It's not done yet, but this is where it's at now.  It's pretty happy, but I much preferred the process of painting separately without being able to see the other.  We are different enough that we didn't really play off of one another, but rather just compared as we went, which wasn't as comfortable.  But still a very fascinating experience... an "art night" turned into many psychological discussions... fun!

I pressed a bunch of leaves while they're still green, and hung them in my room.  They're lovely; they twirl in the breeze, and I think they will make me smile when it starts to snow.

Two days ago it was in the 80s and had been sunny for a good three weeks or more.  Suddenly today, on the last day of September, the high is 46 and it's overcast.  But, that's the perfect sort of day for catching up on homework in bed, and making cookies.

The scene of the cookie making [peekaboo]

 As I started to slip into sleep while reading, my chances at a nap were suddenly jarred when the sounds of heavy machinery began outside my window.  At first I thought they were trimming branches, but after a couple hours, this was the result.  And it was such a big beautiful tree...

Goodbye, September, you were nice, but October is lookin' good.

27 September 2009


I had a migraine yesterday.  Oooh I hate migraines.  It was the first one in a long time, and I wasn't happy.  I spent the afternoon in bed, trying to sleep, but mostly focusing on the light on the lavender.  My vision gets really distorted and it did not look like this in my mind.

After sleeping it off, going on a little hike and eating a burrito, I felt much better, so Alex and I did a little experiment.  After this picture, we put up a divider, and painted each others portraits.

This is my portrait of Alex.

This is her portrait of me.  It was a very fascinating exercise in that both the subject and the painter were both showcased in the paintings.  I think that the painter almost shows through more in a way.  We discussed each others techniques and approach because it was so interesting how different they were.

Alex and Alex.

Afterward we tried a joint painting, but that one was a lot different.  More on that experiment tomorrow...

26 September 2009

Whooo am I?

This past week was difficult.  But little things made it better, like lovely people visiting at work, packages full of Godiva chocolate, sunset hikes in the North Hills, and phone calls from far away friends.

I love the magic glow in the evenings.  When I was younger I used to hate that time of day, because I dreaded the darkness... I hated going to sleep because there was so much I still wanted to do everyday.  I still am that way a little bit, but how can I hate that glow?

Despite the bright spots that helped this past week, I'm still left feeling very unsettled.  Yesterday I paced around the house with twitchy fingers, half-heartedly doing chores to at least feel productive.  Mostly I just shuffled about, feeling uneasy.  Sometimes I feel like my life has been so fragmented - a little chunk here, a big chunk there, and without any cohesion.

I'm working on that - the cohesion part.  It's a strange thing to have held several different lifes - to have been several different people.  Of course I'm just me, but sometimes I feel so disjointed.

Whoooo am I?

21 September 2009

A very good weekend

This weekend was so lovely.  Motorcycle rides, evening hikes, playing with the dogs, farmer's market, painting, and cooking.  And lots of hugs.  It was the last weekend before my Mom leaves for Antarctica; she'll be gone for six months.  It was so nice - beautiful sunsets and crisp autumn air.  We made green tomato salsa, pizza dough, leek pie, lemon bars, etc.  Delicious!  I also broke out my new watercolor set and tried to remember some of the basics, and this was the outcome:

This one I tried to use very little color... and it's a little monochromatic for my taste.  I tried to make note of the mistakes so I could improve next time.

This one I went for way more color, but the grass looks like a prairie fire... Ultimately, I think I remembered some old techniques and learned some new ones to avoid... I can't wait to try again soon.

 Fresh ingredients for green tomato salsa!

 Mmm, homemade lemon bars... so good.

Scott bought me some beautiful peachy-colored carnations that just look so nice in their green vase on my desk.  They've been making me smile all day.

16 September 2009

Good night moon

Another day done.  This one was long and a little bit hard... there has been so much to accomplish this week!  Tomorrow I turn in a paper and give a presentation, and then my school week is over.  I'm going to try to go to sleep [relatively] early tonight since I've been sleeping through my alarm this week... oops.  Anyways, I'm off to my big cozy bed, but here are a couple shots of the full moon from September 4th.  My Mom, Scott, Indiana and I walked up and saw the moon rise over the Sapphire Mountains.

This photo is fuzzy, but it captures the feel of that evening.

Taken through binoculars.

15 September 2009

Let it be known

My affinity toward drawing slightly disturbing, disproportionately large-eyed self portraits has returned.
So has my affinity toward blogging.
Uh oh...