31 October 2009


I fell behind.
On a lot of things.
I'm falling behind as I type, as you read, and now again as we both sit still, moving forward.
Sometimes not having enough time makes it hard for me to breathe.

10 October 2009

green tomatoes

Here's a close up of my green tomatoes painting I did last night.  Alex and I were cold and tired, so we decided to wrap up in sweaters and blankets, and paint.  It did wonders for my soul.
A few things:
- Tomorrow night is supposed to have record low temperatures.  Ahem.
- I'm making these tomorrow.
- I don't fail very often when it comes to baking, but this was epic.  I got distracted (dancing to Etta James) while measuring the flour, and added a whole extra cup.  Which resulted in dough, not cake batter.  Which resulted in dense apple bread, not fluffy apple cake.  So sad.
- I want these.
- I can't foresee myself ever getting sick of Fleet Foxes first album and I can't wait for what's next.  So, finding this was very exciting... it's Robin Pecknold's site for experiments.

Good night.

07 October 2009

"Blood" The Middle East

'Blood' The Middle East

Oh my goodness this has been my favorite song for a while, and I just found the video... so beautiful!

04 October 2009

yo soy como el chile verde, picante pero sabroso


After biking to Michael's and acquiring some fake red flowers, I just had to do a little dress rehearsal of my Halloween costume.  Clothing is still under construction, but hair and unibrow?  I've got those down.  Me encanta Frida Kahlo. Alex and I are going to have a Day of the Dead themed Halloween party... viva la mexico!

03 October 2009


Went to the Missoula Art Museum this weekend with Carrie and Emily and saw this great exhibit by Scott Fife called Big Trouble - The Idaho Project.  Giant heads are made out of archival cardboard and fastened with sheet rock screws.  They are so incredible and depict the trial of "Big Bill" Haywood for the assassination of Governor Steunenberg in 1905.  I want to go back and look closer.

I love Emily's style, so I took a portrait of her in front of her favorite painting - it was her color.
I love Butterfly Herbs; it has some of the coolest things ever, like this little grasshopper pin.  It's about the length of a thimble.
This weather is getting to me.  I'd been hoping for and anticipating the crisp chilly air, but it transitioned to cold very quickly.  Despite constant wearing of wool and copious cups of tea, my bones are shivering.  Right now I'm sitting at my desk, watching the severe weather warning wind gusts ravage the big tree outside my window, wrapped in a fleece blanket, wearing a big cozy wool sweater that my Gramma knit, smartwool socks, wool clogs, under armor pants, a skirt, and a funny knit hat with earflaps from Buffalo Exchange.  And I'm cradling my huge mug of herbal earl grey in my hands to keep them warm.  Complain, complain.
This is from a couple of years ago, but oh my it never gets old:

What I would give to be able to play the trash can drums.  Or the accordion.  Or anything, really.