08 February 2010

Chocolate for Breakfast

Woke up to a treat and a note.  Lovely.
[oh pain au chocolat, how i love thee and thou way of legitimizing chocolate for breakfast]

Today was good.  Very good.
Work was slow, but the daydreams were fruitful.
I have a project on my mind that is very exciting.  I'll share in due time.
Went swimming with my brother, it felt so good to be in the water again, sinking into the rhythm of laps.
Then I baked cookies!  And ate a very Costa Rican dinner (gallo pinto, tortillas, eggs...).  Yum.  Speaking of which, Costa Rica just elected its first woman president!
And now, curling into flannel sheets.
Hoping the night dreams will be just as good.


  1. my husband always surprises me with little goodies from the bakery where he works. it is one of my weaknesses :)

    thank you for your sweet comment & for visiting our etsy shop. we are so excited about the possibilities of sharing our work with others :)

    have a lovely day!

  2. Spectacular day, but how could a day that begins with a chocolate croissant + note not be superb... Lovely.


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