23 February 2010

i will tie them tighter

I've been thinking all day about writing poems as lassos, about using words like snares.
Ideas are brewing and taking form and insisting on being written.
Too bad I have all sorts of ecological perspectives homework to do tonight.
One of my favorite artists, Joanna Newsom, released a new album today, and you can listen to the three disc epic in its entirety on NPR.  I am enjoying it thoroughly as I type... each song I decide is my favorite until I hear the next.


  1. I really enjoy how you put words together to illustrate the picture in your mind. Perfectly chosen words.
    You will love the Life with Picasso book. I guarantee it. You will also like the interview with Francoise Gilot. You have alot of the same likes in books and movies and music that I have. Glad to have found your blog and thank you so much for visiting mine. Please drop in anytime. It's fun to share books and music etc with people who appreciate those things. Kim

  2. "...poems as lassos...words like snares" Beautiful.


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