27 February 2010

A Late Winter Manifesto

There's only one more day of February, but it's reached that point where the winter is beginning to feel endless.  I can only speak for myself, but it seems like now is the time when we all need reminders that the end is in fact in nearing.  So this morning, while I was avoiding existence beyond my flannel sheets, I wrote some notes for myself and figured I might as well share with anyone else that needs that extra little pat on the back in these long, cold months.
A Late Winter Manifesto
-- Go get yourself some flowers, particularly if your local florist has some early daffodils
-- Listen to some reggae while taking a nice long shower.  I know, this sounds silly, but grooving while shampooing to the album Uprising has been a personal cure-all for ages.
-- Buy yourself something cozy like socks or mittens, especially now that winter accessories are going on clearance.
-- Go outside everyday, even if it's just to check the mail.  My favorite is taking a long meander through my tree-lined neighborhood with some dark chocolate.
-- Wear bright colors!
-- Set aside some moments from your day for creative endeavors.
-- Venture to your nearest restaurant/cafe that uses local foods in their repertoire to acquire some new inspirations for the kitchen.  And eat something yummy while you're there.
-- If you take photos, print a few 8x10s of shots you took last Spring, and hang them where you'll see them everyday.
-- Keep your space clean, whether it's an office, a house, or a room.
-- Cultivate and maintain optimism... Spring is almost here!


  1. You inspired me to buy flowers today! Thanks!

  2. great ideas. i just brought home some tulips. i remember living in the south one cold feb. and all of the djs at the college station seemed to play reggae constantly which made me feel like i was at a beach. it does work!

  3. Flowers, food, sunshine...lovely, delicious ideas! You are an inspiration :) I want to get back to Montana and try all the ideas, except maybe Marley in the shower ;) What a delightful blog!


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