19 February 2010

a meditation on stillness

Today I went for a little hike in one of our local wilderness areas.
I didn't make it too far in on the trail that sidles along the river, because I was mesmerized by the noise and speed of the water.
After deciding to just sit and think for a bit, I realized that the silent, stationary snow I was sitting on was what was generating the surging river; the water was being fed by the melt.
It struck me just how powerful stillness is, and how we all need it to recharge.
Stillness leads to movement.
Stillness leads to strength.


  1. i love this photo and the idea that stillness leads to movement.

  2. I was looking for the source of the concept "stillness leads to movement" for a post I would make on G+. I thought I would find it somewhere in Zen wisdom or spoken by a famous Taoist sage.

    So I did a search on Google and found this page where I am inspired by your enlightenment to translate a quotation that I'd like to ascribe to your name as a source where I have posted the words.


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