11 February 2010

The Sleepytime Blues

[A stunning image of Baikal Teals in S. Korea - AP Photo/Yonhap]

I've always had trouble sleeping.
For some reason, since I've gotten back from my trip out East, it's been far worse.  As in, I'll glance at the glowing numbers across the room, full of dread, and it will be 4:47am.  That bad. 
Anyways, this isn't a post about lamenting over lost hours of snoozing, because in reality, if it didn't affect my efficiency and brain power throughout the day, I would elect to not sleep at all... there's just too much I want to do!
And that's always been part of the problem... it's like a little flock of neglected birds suddenly decide that they want attention, and start flitting about, twittering and pecking.  My thoughts come alive at night, especially the creative ones.
But no, this is not about the problem, it's a post about solutions.
A friend left me a cute little list of sleeping advice the other day, so I thought I would share just in case anyone else has similar troubles.  It's all pretty common sense, but sometimes we need reminding.

Ways to Help Liz Fall Asleep
1. Make a "think about list," and keep it by your bed
2. Avoid chocolate, carbs, and fatty foods (cheese) two hours before bed
3. Try not to exercise two hours before bed
4. Try to stifle your yawns - it will make you more tired
5. Get up and do something mindless
6. Make sure your bed is made before you get in it
7. Drink a glass of wine before bed
8. Remember to breathe

I need to add my own (and follow it), no computer use two hours before sleep.
... As I sit here, eating Valentine's chocolates, typing in bed.

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  1. Wait, I thought chocolates gave you sweet dreams. Yes, that's it. Enjoy.


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