07 February 2010

Some February Blues

 It seems as though it's snowed every evening for weeks, and as beautiful as it is, I've found myself tired of it.
 Just flurries, but it's enough to maintain the white on the ground, which then melts, freezes, gets covered with more snow, and repeat.  We're stuck in a bit of a cycle that results in slippery walks to school.  Fall count: 3
 This morning my friend Emily stopped by as it just started to get light out, and we shared eggs as we caught up.  I hadn't seen her since Halloween.  We giggled under the twinkles of xmas lights as we sipped pomegranate juice. It was a lovely way to start what could have been another dreary day.
 As much as I love the deep and varying shades of brown that are being showcased currently outside, I've been longing for color.  I walked around my house after breakfast, relishing pigments left in dried petals, the deep green of empty wine bottles, and the bright cheerful photographs I have planted everywhere.  For now, finding color inside.  There's plenty.
Sometimes (edit: often) something sweet helps with the February blues,
and having cozy feet is almost a cure.

[Confession: my most effective remedy has been purchasing happy things online, while cradling a cup of tea.  Oops.  I'll share when things arrive.]

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