21 February 2010

spring tease

Today, my brother and I took to the North Hills to rejoice in the sun which was shining in full glory.  After what felt like months of grey, Missoula woke up Sunday morning to a cloudless sky.  Ahh...
I was also struck to see this little sign of spring.  A fly, who was clearly strategizing on how to get into my warm, colorful room.  But still!  Insects!  Spring!
I've also been noticing how the retreating puddles and ice are revealing the cracks in the road, and how this translates to people.  Hmm...

Unfortunately, as all Montanans come to know, this February tease of spring is just that - a tease.  Come March, there will be snow again.  And probably in April too.  
But for now, I'll take it.

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  1. with a glowing sun & a delightful 45 degrees here in Michigan yesterday-- i was beyond ready for a transition into spring. alas- i am shoveling six inches of snow this afternoon-- and it's still falling :( in other words- i feel your pain.

    but don't worry---the sun WILL come out tomorrow. and one of these days-- the light will hang around for awhile :)


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