12 February 2010

today was melancholy




:: attempting to rejuvenate in the mountains ::

:: winter hues of grey and gold ::

:: the wonder of being weightless in water, loving the pool ::

:: smelling the distinct earthy odor of spring ::

:: letting that smell fill me with hope ::


:: these for dinner... delicious ::

:: taking care of pesky tasks, but now they're done ::

:: lots of dog nuzzles and snuggles ::

:: the worries that come with driving a car older than me ::

:: listening to fleet foxes, zooming along the road under burgeoning clouds ::


  1. i love not that you are melancholy but that your pictures reflect what you are feeling. oh, and there's always tomorrow and I see that the tomorrow was much brighter for you:)

  2. I´m deeply moved by these pictures!! wonderful!


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