21 March 2010

a love letter to sunday

hello sweet sunday,
this is a love note to tell you how much i appreciate the quiet mornings you provide. 
this year, you mark the first day when there's going to be a little more light than dark.
today is your first official spring appearance.
today you carry the promise of productivity, of some light spring cleaning, of evening laughter with friends, of fresh sheets, of some light rain to wash away the winter blues.
you're cloudy this morning.  grey is a lovely color for you.
thank you for these peaceful moments you're providing me.
i'd go crazy without them and their solace and without you and your softness.
thank you sunday, enjoy your time here.
love, liz

-- some photos from this weekend --
[i treated myself to a bunch of grapes]
[delicious sandwich - stone ground mustard, arugula, tomatoes, cheese, and vegan roast beef on flax bread]
[peeking through the spring cleaning]
[the sweetest, fuzziest new leaf]
[mirror toes]
[a stack of tiny zines created on the first day of spring]


  1. Such fun photos; they truly do sing a song of spring. That sandwich looks yummy :)

  2. Your Sunday sounds very sweet indeed! Lovely writing.

  3. You have a beautiful blog :)

  4. Your flax bread looks so good! Did you bake it? Your zines?

  5. love these images. tell me more about your zine.


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