27 March 2010

scenes from home

So far my time home has been full of:
rainy drives,
sage in the mountains,
darlin' doggies,
moss covered boulders,
so many freshly born calves,
and glorious skies.
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Well if your lovely pics are anything to go by, I imagine you are getting some nice relaxation. I hope you weren't driving when that top picture was taken. I did have a nice weekend. Hope yours was too.

  2. It all seems pretty darn perfect. Enjoy.

  3. what beautiful pictures!

    i was blog hopping and landed in your world over here. so glad i did.

    i'm hosting a giveaway i think you might like i hope you'll check it out:

  4. Oh, so lovely. The photos are beautiful. I am off to Palm Desert in a week and a half and can't wait to take pictures in a warm climate with color. Everything is brown in our world right now.

  5. I love this set of photos and descriptions. You are in a magnificent place for sure.

  6. Such beautiful colour throughout. Seated in the passenger seat and watching the rain is beautiful... and all feels so very cosy.

  7. One of those crazy magical moments... I was just reading through your posts and saw a message in my inbox - from you. How perfect. I feel like I truly visited you today, dear.


  8. If this is Montana...I want to visit.
    The font you have chosen for your blog lends itself well to inspiration.


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