22 March 2010

spring break

Three more days.
Three more days until my last spring break.
This year I'm not going anywhere, which is very unusual.
Normally, on any sort of break, I head out, as fast and far as I can.
Not this year.
This year I'm going just an hour south to my parents' home in the mountains, where I'll take long rainy walks with the dogs, giggle with my mother, paint watercolors on the porch, and cook as many delectable things as I can think of.
I will certainly be posting lots of pictures throughout the week.
As for the next three days, well, they're jam packed with meetings, research, work, and one late night airport trip for a mother and child reunion (my parents are returning from six months in Antarctica!). 
The polaroids were taken two spring breaks ago on a trip to the Oregon coast.  The film had expired in 1992.
Perhaps you won't be enjoying an official spring break, but I hope you find many little breaks to enjoy this new season.


  1. I love polaroids! These are fantastic!!! I have some that I took with expired film and I just love the look it creates!

  2. What a wonderful way to spend your last break. I'm sure your parents are going to have some fabulous stories to share. Have fun!

  3. sounds like the perfect break to me :) enjoy & look forward to the pictures.

  4. These Polaroids are awesome! I hope you have a lovely time on your break.

  5. But you are going somewhere. And the things you described sound absolutely beautiful. I love that you will 'giggle with your mother'. Priceless. You can't buy that. Lovely pics.

  6. LOVE these polaroids! the expired film is magic!!


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