05 March 2010

tea tree

 Every once in a while, the universe leaves a gift for me to find on my walk to school.  This has included (but is not limited to) a zebra striped paper clip, a little portrait drawn on the back of a receipt, and a dollar bill.  Little things!  But glorious to come across all the same, especially when you're stuck in the brainwaves of GPA and research databases.
Today was a perfect example of this gift-giving.  Strolling along a row of little trees that I pass daily, I noticed that somebody had tied a tea bag to one of the branches.  Littering?  Perhaps, but it was so carefully tied and it looks like the tree rather enjoys it.  I decided I should probably have a cup of tea on the porch after class to give my brain a break, and it was lovely.


  1. so enjoyed this post. i sort of have the urge to hang a used tea bag to a tree.

  2. i love this. i totally love this.
    i might just have to string a bag from my tree.


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