06 March 2010

Things that are making me happy...

::my red toes matching the red flowers on my new dress::
 ::seeing some bits of green here and there::
 ::sunshine, and so much that it keeps washing out my pictures::
::rediscovering watercolors, and using them to paint sedimentary layers::

It's been so nice out that yesterday I went for a long walk with the dogs in just a dress.  A dress without any sleeves!  And birkenstocks!  Ahh, beauteous.  After brie and chutney grilled sandwiches for dinner, Alex and I strolled to the Big Dipper.  I got coconut ice cream dipped in chocolate and nuts... goodness gracious, it was amazing.  And then we painted!  A lovely pre-spring day.  Today will be filled with similar joyful activities.  I hope you're all finding plenty of sunshine and happy moments this weekend.  Enjoy!

p.s. in exactly one month i will be turning 23 and hopefully (if all goes according to plan) i will be unveiling something i've been working on for a while on that day!  31 days, here we go! stay tuned...


  1. What a fabulous day...and an unveiling on the way. Wonderful!

  2. sounds like a fun day. this weekend i noticed the vt creamee stands had opened but it was just a bit too cold for ice cream. love your new dress.


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