11 March 2010

thursday thoughts

These two pictures come from Tuesday, and I love the unexpected similarity between them.
After a weekend of skipping about in sandals and wearing dresses without even a cardigan, Missoula woke up Tuesday morning to snow accumulation!  This crazy state.  I'm also working on a research proposal (second picture) which called for cheese melted on birdman bread, mmm...
I know this is very similar to my last sedimentary layers painting, but last night I couldn't bring myself to tip tap type at papers anymore, so the watercolors came on out.  I like this one better I think, and am going to keep experimenting.
phoenix - lisztomania *brooklyn pack mashup* from ian parker on Vimeo.
I know this song is older, but a friend just sent me a video for it, and it's so happy!  I haven't been dancing nearly enough, and this video asked me WHY!?  Maybe you need a reminder to dance whenever and wherever also, so here you go.

It's sunny and snow-less again, and I have two hours before class so I'm off to seize the day!
Enjoy your Thursday.


  1. lovely photos! and art! each piece is unique--regardless of similarities! keep experimenting! glad to hear the sun is back & the snow is melting! i hope we've all had our full! SO ready for spring!

  2. ps. that video is amazing! will post & link back to your blog this weekend! i am in a better mood just from viewing it ;)

  3. 1. i really love your watercolor!
    2. luke & i listen to this song a lot. we love it!

  4. Alfie - Thanks for the kind comments, and I hope spring is finding its way into your life!

    Natalie - Have you heard the acoustic version? http://iguessimfloating.blogspot.com/2010/01/mp3-phoenix-1901-lisztomania-live-and.html

  5. ha weird, my friends made that video


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