13 March 2010

weekend magic

The past couple days have been wonderful.  There have been sunny, warm hours and also blustery winds with burgeoning clouds.   It's been the best of Spring and Winter, and I've been outside for almost all of it.  These photos were taken Friday evening during a hike up in the North Hills, a magical place where hardly anybody else hikes, and you can see the whole valley.  I walk along rolling bald hills, and up a ridge, where I dance in front of all of Missoula, letting my hair fly in the wind.  I think I'll return there tonight.
I hope your weekend has been and will be filled with magic.


  1. Beautiful... I especially love that first image - the reddish tones in the hair, and the texture of that...throw..? All against a somewhat pinkish light and unfocused background.

    Your quiet, private spot sounds wonderful - I don't blame you for wanting to go back.


  2. such a gorgeous grouping of photos.


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