28 April 2010


I had been watching the bang-bloom-blossoming that's been going on all over the place for lots of other bloggers, and quite jealously I might add.  I would admire all of the gorgeous photos, and then gaze outside with an air of melacholy; it seemed as if nothing was happening.
But finally - finally! - Missoula has let forth.
I came across this flowering tree on a stroll with the dogs, and it was like a dream.
I'm going to (attempt to) watercolor that last photo. 
I'll let you know how it goes.
This semester, the last semester of my college career, has very little left to it.
Somehow the diminishing amount of days equates to a rapidly increasing to do list.
Once it's over, I can't wait to get back and really sink my teeth into this space.
I'm constantly amazed at how a blog is such a multifaceted blank sheet, how so many people think of so many different things to do with it, and how inspiring all of it is.
Don't you just love the internal blossoming that goes along with everything happening outside right now?

25 April 2010

finding time

I didn't mean to be gone so long.
It was just one of those weeks.
However, I still found time for beauty...
Look at how brilliant the skies were!
And see?  I frolicked across this field!
I kept an eye on the blossoming new life overhead!
I made these cookies!  And ate a whooole bunch of them to fuel my studying and paper writing and job applying, oh my!
And I found time to go thrifting!  Look at the gorgeous pillowcases I found!  Such fun prints, just begging summer to get here already!

What sorts of beauty have you been finding?

19 April 2010

at my desk

spending lots of time at my desk this week...
study study study...
but luckily there are pretty things everywhere i look!
i hope the same goes for you!  and you!
new sunglasses, a new pair of shorts, and it's supposed to be 75 degrees tomorrow!
back to studying so i can escape from my desk briefly after classes...

17 April 2010

thursday and friday

Thursday and Friday were filled with:
- A sky holding thousands of clouds
- Coconut ice cream dipped in chocolate
- A walk in which the distance was determined by a dog
- Heart to hearts on bicycles
- Raspberry Italian soda
- Dancing to trumpets
- Bluebird sightings
- Frolicking through the mountains
- Turning the heat off
- This year's first Montana sunburn
- Ice cream sandwiches with Mama-made extra spicy ginger cookies
- The sudden arrival of wildflowers
- Avocados with Kosher salt
- A long flowy dress
- Giggles.  Lots and lots of giggling.
- Sitting cross-legged under the stars, sipping microbrews
- Sprinting barefoot across the Higgins bridge, to remind ourselves we're alive
- Excited discussion of the future
- The return of a dear friend, and the beginning of some new ones

15 April 2010

the most magnificent kind

Hello, hello!  A very quick hello!
Today has been one of those most magnificent days, where suddenly little bursts of green are exploding all over the place, and the breeze is a cool whisper on your neck, and your new Birkenstocks add the perfect little pep to your step!
Ahh, I am smitten with life today!
A dear, dear friend is in town visiting, so this is brief, but there will be much to share on Saturday!  
Have a most magnificent day!

12 April 2010

look forward

Some findings from yesterday's bike ride.
Today is about being gentle with myself, about allowing myself to do what I want, about letting go.
It's about looking forward.
Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway and checked out my new Etsy shop!  I'm excited to announce the lovely Andrea is the winner... send me an email with your address to liz dot endicott at gmail dot com and I will send them along!  And to those of you who did not win, they're for sale in my shop and are quite affordable!
I'll end with a quote that helps with the looking forward:
"Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair" - Kahlil Gibran

11 April 2010

an act of finding

I set out for the North Hills yesterday afternoon to clear my mind.  It was an overcast and windy day, so I was hoping to have the fields to myself.  The only person I encountered was this man, who seemed to be walking for similar reasons.  I forget that a large camera swinging around my neck is rather conspicuous to others, and was caught off guard when he asked if I was out to "find some pictures."  It struck me that I often think of photography as actively going out and creating, rather than simply coming across something.  I decided to stop thinking about form/negative space/light/etc., and let the pictures find me.

08 April 2010

giveaway update

Is anyone having as busy a week as I am?  It could be of course that I'm just being a baby after being on spring break for a week and a half, but it seems I have NO free time this week.  Because of this, I'm postponing the deadline for the giveaway.  Perhaps I'm breaking a cardinal rule from the Book of Giveaways, but that's how it's gonna be.  Now the deadline is 9pm MST Sunday, 11 April.  So if you haven't entered already, go ahead, and tell anyone else that might be interested.  And thanks for being patient.  
This is an outtake from the photos I took for the Etsy shop (by the way, THANK YOU for your incredibly kind comments... they made a somewhat terrifying endeavor much less scary).  I was walking around taking pictures in whatever interesting setting I came across and noticed that Aurora, a neighbor's dog was following me around.  She was so curious!  So I decided to try and capture some of her fascination, and she was such a good model.
Have a wonderful Friday, go enter the giveaway, and I'll be visiting this space this weekend, stay tuned.

06 April 2010

Birthday, Etsy, Giveaway

Today I am 23!  
I've learned that I am a woman of goals, so I decided to set some for this new year of mine.
  1. Compile a collection of short stories and poems
  2. Get a tattoo
  3. Allow myself love, romance
  4. Make it to 100 entries of Tangible Ingredients, and then keep going
  5. Complete a sprint triathlon
  6. Leave the country (in a big way)
  7. Do another cycling trip
  8. Successfully cook fish
  9. Submit a short story somewhere
  10. Get very fit again
  11. Pay off a sizable chunk of my student loans
  12. Learn some new photographic techniques
  13. Graduate from college
  14. Write a song and sing it
  15. Let go of some ghosts
  16. Get a new computer
  17. Delegate more time for creative endeavors
  18. Learn a song on the harmonica
  19. Have my photographs on display somewhere
  20. Make some wonderful new friends
  21. Sew myself a purse
  22. Eat less cheese
  23. Open an Etsy shop
Yes, that is the project I have been working on.  And at 12:30am, on my 23rd birthday, I've finished.  I do apologize if this was a rather predictable, or perhaps cliche project, but it started as a desire - no - a need - to create things, and then it just turned into this.  It's made me endlessly happy and has stretched me in so many ways.  As a student with many loans, I long for affordable art, so the prices are with fellow students in mind.  If you have a moment, please check it out:
[click the banner for the link]

Also, since all of you have just been so wonderful to me (your thoughtful comments mean oh-so-much), I decided to celebrate with a giveaway.
I'm giving away a set of 4 Sedimentary Layer postcards... 2 different prints of original watercolors, with 2 postcards of each.  This is an item featured on my Etsy, so click on the picture to find out more details. 
Leave a comment before 9pm MST Sunday, 11 April and a winner will be selected at random!

Good luck, and thank you :)

04 April 2010

i promise...

This is my last sparse, quiet, almost-wordless post.  
Tomorrow is my last day of freedom before returning to school, where procrastination and a highly active brain inspire far more interesting posts.  Thanks for bearing with me.
Be sure to stay tuned for Tuesday's post.  There's a birthday, and a giveaway, and an unveiling, oh my!
I hope you've all had absolutely marvelous weekends, and are headed into this new week with optimism, satisfaction, and an air of freshness.

01 April 2010

sunshine and snow

i sat outside in a tank top and a skirt, making earrings in the sunshine.  chickadees were chattering and my cheeks got burnt.
the next morning i woke up and everything had changed.
it was simultaneously disappointing and delightful.
the snow melted quickly, but the mountains remain frosted, shimmering as the sun dances its way across the sky, in and out of the burgeoning clouds.
 all the mud has revealed so many pathways - turkeys, coyotes, mule deer, elk.

it's april!  april!  how, and when, did this happen?
april seems like such a friendly month, an old friend.
i finally saw julie and julia this evening and just loved it.  meryl streep is wonderful, and her spot-on impersonation kept me giggling throughout.
if you don't follow the blog today i saw, you should!  i was so excited to see that i have a postcard on the way!
my posting has been more sparse than usual as i'm busy buzzing bustling away putting all the finishing touches on the project i've been working on...
more soon!