06 April 2010

Birthday, Etsy, Giveaway

Today I am 23!  
I've learned that I am a woman of goals, so I decided to set some for this new year of mine.
  1. Compile a collection of short stories and poems
  2. Get a tattoo
  3. Allow myself love, romance
  4. Make it to 100 entries of Tangible Ingredients, and then keep going
  5. Complete a sprint triathlon
  6. Leave the country (in a big way)
  7. Do another cycling trip
  8. Successfully cook fish
  9. Submit a short story somewhere
  10. Get very fit again
  11. Pay off a sizable chunk of my student loans
  12. Learn some new photographic techniques
  13. Graduate from college
  14. Write a song and sing it
  15. Let go of some ghosts
  16. Get a new computer
  17. Delegate more time for creative endeavors
  18. Learn a song on the harmonica
  19. Have my photographs on display somewhere
  20. Make some wonderful new friends
  21. Sew myself a purse
  22. Eat less cheese
  23. Open an Etsy shop
Yes, that is the project I have been working on.  And at 12:30am, on my 23rd birthday, I've finished.  I do apologize if this was a rather predictable, or perhaps cliche project, but it started as a desire - no - a need - to create things, and then it just turned into this.  It's made me endlessly happy and has stretched me in so many ways.  As a student with many loans, I long for affordable art, so the prices are with fellow students in mind.  If you have a moment, please check it out:
[click the banner for the link]

Also, since all of you have just been so wonderful to me (your thoughtful comments mean oh-so-much), I decided to celebrate with a giveaway.
I'm giving away a set of 4 Sedimentary Layer postcards... 2 different prints of original watercolors, with 2 postcards of each.  This is an item featured on my Etsy, so click on the picture to find out more details. 
Leave a comment before 9pm MST Sunday, 11 April and a winner will be selected at random!

Good luck, and thank you :)


  1. happy birthday! and a million congrats on the etsy shop! so excited for you! and as much as i love a giveaway, i just purchased a set of these glorious sedimentary layer postcards! i HAD to contribute to the cause.

    keep dreaming and goal-setting. i just turned 24 a few weeks ago and am equally as eager to accomplish some fabulous things.

    but don't be too hard on yourself about the cheese :)

  2. Oooh, me me!

    Happy bday again, your goals are fabulous, I share many of them! I hope to be able to visit you soon!

  3. I would have guessed you to be much more mature in age than 23! I wish I had been as creative and as fore thinking as you when I was 23. A lot of your goals have been met..not in the ways you may think. Have a wonderful day for you birth day..thank your parents for your birth day...they deserve a gift for having such an intelligent and innovative girl. Kim xo

  4. happy birthday!! so excited for your etsy shop!!!

  5. Happy Birthday. My eldest daughter is going to be 23 in three weeeks and my youngest daughter, like you, is trying to find her place in the world with her wonderful photography. I guess I can relate a little to where you are at in your life. Wonderful list and set of goals you have there. It makes me feel like I should do the same actually. I wish you much luck and prosperity in pursuit of your dreams. You seem like you have a good head on your young shoulders. I agree with Kim' comment.

  6. Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog....I like how you worded number 3. It can be a matter of "allowing" oneself. Hope you achieve all that you set out to with your list. Congrats on the etsy shop too.

  7. Did you delete my comment? I know I commented, why did you hate my comment? I just said "me me me me Happy birthday you" or something. I still mean it. : )


  8. how did I miss this?

    First off, Happy Belated Birthday dear! To be 23 again... ahhhh! I say run with that list and never ever look back :) I'm very excited for you to accomplish them all.

    Oh and I'm a huge fan of these sedimentary layers cards :) Doug studied archeology and I always found these drawings in his archeology/anthro books so fun to look at :)


  9. happy belated birthday! I love the list, I hope you document some of them along the way. Those cards are so sweet!

  10. so.. 1st of all happy birthday!
    2nd of all - if you're interested in visiting buenos aires as your out of country experience.. i'll be there for the whole month of october, and we can go tango dancing together..
    3rd of all - i totally dont understand how giveaways work. i see them all over the place.. but no one has ever explained them to me..
    is this what i have to do to win?
    i'm not really lucky when it comes to winning things. i won a bingo game once in my life.

  11. ohh thank you for your comment on my post! it was lovely to hear. alsoo, thank you for letting me know about your give away and happy be-lated birthday it seems!

  12. I know I missed the giveaway but HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY to you :) Your list of goals is wonderful!!!

  13. Happy (belated) Birthday! You are wise beyond your years.


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