28 April 2010


I had been watching the bang-bloom-blossoming that's been going on all over the place for lots of other bloggers, and quite jealously I might add.  I would admire all of the gorgeous photos, and then gaze outside with an air of melacholy; it seemed as if nothing was happening.
But finally - finally! - Missoula has let forth.
I came across this flowering tree on a stroll with the dogs, and it was like a dream.
I'm going to (attempt to) watercolor that last photo. 
I'll let you know how it goes.
This semester, the last semester of my college career, has very little left to it.
Somehow the diminishing amount of days equates to a rapidly increasing to do list.
Once it's over, I can't wait to get back and really sink my teeth into this space.
I'm constantly amazed at how a blog is such a multifaceted blank sheet, how so many people think of so many different things to do with it, and how inspiring all of it is.
Don't you just love the internal blossoming that goes along with everything happening outside right now?


  1. Beautiful photos! Spring is so exciting.

  2. Yes. I do. And I love how infectious your love for life is. Every time I visit here I find myself smiling wider and wider as I read your words. I want to go feel the sun on my face as I walk through those golden fields, go on hikes with the dogs until they tire, and find the beauty in nature that you capture so vividly in your pictures.

    Thank you. You just made my spring all the more wonderful, dear.


  3. i love the flower, in the palm of your hand. so beautiful. : )

  4. What a neat idea to paint the last photo...It's good to hear the blooms are there at last!

  5. oh how i love spring time....gorgeous

  6. I, too, am amazed at how wonderful things spring forth from every different blog, and each one inspires me. It will be really exciting when you can really "sink" your teeth into your blog...I don't see how you can improve...it is wonderful and inspiring to us all every time you narrate your photos and and tell us what is happening in your mind's eye.
    Kim xx

  7. what a delight! spring has made it to you! always worth the wait :)


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