25 April 2010

finding time

I didn't mean to be gone so long.
It was just one of those weeks.
However, I still found time for beauty...
Look at how brilliant the skies were!
And see?  I frolicked across this field!
I kept an eye on the blossoming new life overhead!
I made these cookies!  And ate a whooole bunch of them to fuel my studying and paper writing and job applying, oh my!
And I found time to go thrifting!  Look at the gorgeous pillowcases I found!  Such fun prints, just begging summer to get here already!

What sorts of beauty have you been finding?


  1. Love your photographs! Cute pillowcases ;)

  2. love that the breeze is so evident in the first two photos. and love those pillowcases!!

  3. i want to be your penpal! email me with your mailing address and name and what not. my email is stalwart99@gmail.com

  4. Lovely photographs...this weekend I found a glass holder for a terrarium I'm going to make!

  5. oh my! the sky! the field! those cookies!! we forgive you for being away :)

  6. love your pillowcases and i need to make those ginger chip cookies.


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