08 April 2010

giveaway update

Is anyone having as busy a week as I am?  It could be of course that I'm just being a baby after being on spring break for a week and a half, but it seems I have NO free time this week.  Because of this, I'm postponing the deadline for the giveaway.  Perhaps I'm breaking a cardinal rule from the Book of Giveaways, but that's how it's gonna be.  Now the deadline is 9pm MST Sunday, 11 April.  So if you haven't entered already, go ahead, and tell anyone else that might be interested.  And thanks for being patient.  
This is an outtake from the photos I took for the Etsy shop (by the way, THANK YOU for your incredibly kind comments... they made a somewhat terrifying endeavor much less scary).  I was walking around taking pictures in whatever interesting setting I came across and noticed that Aurora, a neighbor's dog was following me around.  She was so curious!  So I decided to try and capture some of her fascination, and she was such a good model.
Have a wonderful Friday, go enter the giveaway, and I'll be visiting this space this weekend, stay tuned.


  1. I had a look at your shop and adore the little book of haikus....so cute.

  2. Did you ever have any doubt your store would be great? It's SO great! I'm keeping my eyes on those earrings... : )



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