04 April 2010

i promise...

This is my last sparse, quiet, almost-wordless post.  
Tomorrow is my last day of freedom before returning to school, where procrastination and a highly active brain inspire far more interesting posts.  Thanks for bearing with me.
Be sure to stay tuned for Tuesday's post.  There's a birthday, and a giveaway, and an unveiling, oh my!
I hope you've all had absolutely marvelous weekends, and are headed into this new week with optimism, satisfaction, and an air of freshness.


  1. silence can be a beautiful thing. have enjoyed your thoughtful pictorial posts!

  2. Your "almost wordless" posts say more to me than most! Love your thoughts and photos. Kim xo

  3. Your posts have been most interesting. I've enjoyed your photos that gave me a few tranquil moments during my busy weekend. Looking forward to your next post! I just checked your profile and I really liked your interests - "mountains, movements and moments". Must say, I can relate. Just a little!

  4. More wonderful photos! I love how you combine things. Happy Birthday!

  5. I like the sparse and quiet when it is done Tumbleweed Woman style.


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