15 April 2010

the most magnificent kind

Hello, hello!  A very quick hello!
Today has been one of those most magnificent days, where suddenly little bursts of green are exploding all over the place, and the breeze is a cool whisper on your neck, and your new Birkenstocks add the perfect little pep to your step!
Ahh, I am smitten with life today!
A dear, dear friend is in town visiting, so this is brief, but there will be much to share on Saturday!  
Have a most magnificent day!


  1. How nice it must to be to be 'smitten' with life! I seldom feel that way anymore. I must change things!

  2. Beautiful blog you have here. I can't wait to hear about your fun time with your friend.

  3. A simple pleasure such as the company of a good friend and look at how it makes you feel. Thanks for some vibrancy in my day.

  4. The little bits of green here are in full swing (or should I say Spring!) And a friend to visit to boot! What a wonderful weekend you are having. Can't wait for your report of your fun of life.


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