01 April 2010

sunshine and snow

i sat outside in a tank top and a skirt, making earrings in the sunshine.  chickadees were chattering and my cheeks got burnt.
the next morning i woke up and everything had changed.
it was simultaneously disappointing and delightful.
the snow melted quickly, but the mountains remain frosted, shimmering as the sun dances its way across the sky, in and out of the burgeoning clouds.
 all the mud has revealed so many pathways - turkeys, coyotes, mule deer, elk.

it's april!  april!  how, and when, did this happen?
april seems like such a friendly month, an old friend.
i finally saw julie and julia this evening and just loved it.  meryl streep is wonderful, and her spot-on impersonation kept me giggling throughout.
if you don't follow the blog today i saw, you should!  i was so excited to see that i have a postcard on the way!
my posting has been more sparse than usual as i'm busy buzzing bustling away putting all the finishing touches on the project i've been working on...
more soon!


  1. your pics are always so refreshing & relaxing :) lovely lovely!

  2. those are beautiful pictures and love your writing.

  3. I need to see that movie. I may be the last person to do so... Sparse works great for me - because I want to really savor each post, and sparse posting is more my pace. (Selfish of me, I know.)

    It sounds like your project is making you feel happy and inspired - I can't wait to see the end result, dear.


  4. you take gorgeous photos. and I'm glad to hear your April is starting off great.

    thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

  5. isn't julie & julia just charming? :) happy april!

  6. April is such a nice month. I've been spotting Wisteria everywhere and thinking of the film, Enchanted April.

    Enjoy your buzzing and bustling.

  7. I adore your photo with the droplets.
    And I also adored Julie and Julia. Oh I agree Meryl was amazing but so was the rest of the cast. Her hubby Paul and Julie and her hubby; they were all great. I remember coming home and feeling so inspired that I blogged about it. A new project. Sounds exciting. Thanks for sharing the lovely images.

  8. I love your new profile picture. You look even more gorgeous. I love to visit your blog. I am probably the only person who has not seen Julie and Julia. I never go to the movies...but I'll have to rent or buy it. Your project sounds happy and intriguing...can't wait to see what it is.


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