17 April 2010

thursday and friday

Thursday and Friday were filled with:
- A sky holding thousands of clouds
- Coconut ice cream dipped in chocolate
- A walk in which the distance was determined by a dog
- Heart to hearts on bicycles
- Raspberry Italian soda
- Dancing to trumpets
- Bluebird sightings
- Frolicking through the mountains
- Turning the heat off
- This year's first Montana sunburn
- Ice cream sandwiches with Mama-made extra spicy ginger cookies
- The sudden arrival of wildflowers
- Avocados with Kosher salt
- A long flowy dress
- Giggles.  Lots and lots of giggling.
- Sitting cross-legged under the stars, sipping microbrews
- Sprinting barefoot across the Higgins bridge, to remind ourselves we're alive
- Excited discussion of the future
- The return of a dear friend, and the beginning of some new ones


  1. Sounds so very good...it's the simple stuff that is the best.

  2. Those were two pretty wonderful days, especially when fueled by raspberry Italian soda, coconut ice cream dipped in chocolate, avocado with kosher salt, microbrews, and spicy ginger ice cream sandwiches. Yes, yes, wonderful--indeed.

  3. LOVE the list :)

    probably you should check out my giveaway!

  4. That sounds so wonderful! We should definitely spend a Thursday/Friday together!

  5. Wonderful, wonderful weekend you had. All simple meaningful pieces of pleasure! The way you importantized (I made that word up just now) your list, it would beat being Queen for a Day! Kim


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