01 May 2010


The skies have been mercurial this weekend.  
Dark, so dark the lights have to be turned on at 3.
Light, flying and firing down the hallway.
Back and forth and everywhere in between.
The dark grey sure made the budding trees pop.
And rainbows!  
The kind of rainbows that make you wish lugging along the camera on a run was possible.
This evening involved a trip to the movies, the baking of a rhubarb crisp, and Beatles sing-a-longs.
Just what was needed.
Oh, May, I love you already.


  1. mmm...I love thunderstorms :) Welcome spring!

  2. beautiful. i'm with you. here's to may!

  3. I love thunderstorms so much (not the tornados that we get that sometimes accompany them here though) We had one the other nite and I missed it! I don't know how! I sleep so lightly and wake every hour..cat nap really all nite but I must have been really tired to miss a favorite!

  4. i love spring.
    i love how perfect it is out right now...

  5. I love this blog. It's so cute. Following you now.

  6. This is stunning...the gray and yellow are a lovely mixture. Happy May!


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