19 May 2010


I've been hanging out with these goonies all week.
My cousins are here from North Carolina and it's been all giggles and goofiness.
We hiked up to an overlook of the valley.
We dressed up in fake mustaches and cowboy hats.
We mountain biked around a lake.
We made oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, oh my...
We picked lots of ticks off of ourselves.
We mooed with the cows and talked to the birds.
We discussed how adults talk too much.
We used beets as lipstick during dinner and decided beet is a good hue for all of us.
Tomorrow we're hiking up to some hot springs.
And yes, those are thigh high socks with apples.  They rock some sweet kicks.


  1. aww, that sounds great! Have fun hiking :)

  2. A week with the cousins sounds great!

  3. Sounds wonderful and those thigh highs are awesome.

  4. hope you're enjoying every second of their visit :)


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