31 May 2010

dream cat

Yesterday, I was visited by this cat.  He was a dream come true.
I had been getting a little blue with all the rain, all the changes, the transitions, all the processing.
Deciding that a cat would solve my problems, I began lamenting to people about how my little house was just oh-so perfect for a kitty, and I how I wished I could just borrow one for the day.
And then, yesterday, I opened my door...
And this furry little guy came running inside.
I was so caught off guard that I only managed to snap this off kilter and dimly lit shot of him exploring, because then he was upstairs, curling up on my bed.
I let him hang out with me for about a half hour before sending him on his way, giving him lots of treats... perhaps enough persuasion to visit me again soon?
I'm working on the Etsy shop this week, editing some of the stuff already there, and getting some new things ready to go.  Stay tuned because next week, I'll be having a special offer for all of you lovely readers.

I hope you've had the most wonderful long weekend.  May was turbulent and powerful, but I'm so excited to see what June inspires...


  1. What a wonderful little visitor!
    I love your yellow door.

  2. What a great day! And I also love the door. I'm trying to get my husband to replace all our doors with five-panel versions like yours.

  3. That is SO awesome! I adore cats. I have two of my own so if one wandered inside my house I would have to rescue it before my cats found out. O.O But if I didn't then I would be soo happy if a cat just waddled in and curled up on my bed. Kitties!♥

  4. Oh I wish I had a cat to visit me... my house is too small to actually house any :( it's so awesome that he went to curl up on your bed! I'm sure he'll come back. Ad he's so cute :D
    P.S. I'm your newest follower! And I love your blog.

  5. oh how i hope he returns to you one day!

    he reminds me of my own huge orange cat :)

    love four legged friends!!

  6. so sweet :) a rainy day, cup of tea and a cuddly cat. sounds pretty good to me!

  7. Oh, that's awesome. I love it when things like that happen.



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