28 May 2010

a few scenes from today

It's still raining.  And it's still suiting my mood, my demeanor, my day's activities.  The soft sounds of water falling from the sky has been comforting as I process everything that needs processing.  Feeling slightly cabin feverish this afternoon, I bundled up and went for a long, meandering bike ride.  Got completely soaked in the process, but it was so invigorating.  I didn't bring my camera in fear of it drowning, but of course I saw scenes that I wanted to snap - a little boy standing in a puddle in his driveway holding a cat almost as big as he, the pockets of fog snuggled in between the mountains, an older couple dipping their toes into the bloated river holding hands.  I did venture out into my soggy yard to snap the droplets on the plants, who seem to be utterly invigorating by all this moisture.
As I mentioned, my roommate moved out and I've rearranged the house so that it's me, not us.  This is a little corner of my new space - a space completely designated for creative endeavors, and all of my supplies/idea journals have their own spot in shelves.  It's much more conducive to creating when I don't have to unpack everything from boxes every time I want to paint.
I've finally caught up on all the mail and bills and saved the fun mail for last.  I had some stamps made, got a bunch of fun handmade grad presents from dear friends, received some fun new CDs (Black Keys!  Sharon Jones!  Basia Bulat!), and was given some sea glass from Israel from a blog friend.
A virtue that my mother really instilled in me is the necessity of having a full pantry.  If I just have a couple green things, a sip of orange juice, and some cans in my kitchen, I start to feel anxious, disorganized.  So groceries have been purchased, fun new meals planned, and ohh, the raspberries...


  1. Your mom is wise. Enjoy those raspberries!

  2. Ohhh, very nice day! Happy you got your space situated, I wish I had a great crafty space! Lovely post, you made me happy!

  3. Oh, I have the same urge when my pantry and fridge start feeling empty. I love that you have corned designated for your creative endeavors - it looks beautiful, dear.


  4. I LOVE these pictures! So springy, life-y, gorgeous!

  5. lovely lovely lovely photos! i love the peacefulness in all your posts! the raspberries look perfect!!

  6. It's good to read about the settling in you're doing. I've been cleaning and re-organizing like crazy. It'll be nice once it's finished. I love clean lines and simplicity. That top photograph is awesome.


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