15 May 2010

summer is upon us!

I have to admit, being done with school still hasn't completely sunk in.
I'm still nagged with that feeling that I should be working on something, I must have some homework to do, I need to study.
Knowing myself, this feeling isn't going to vanish overnight, so I've decided to channel it toward positive things.
The past few weeks involved a lot of sitting... in classrooms, in cafes studying, at my desk studying... So I'm getting back into a workout routine.  And it's all fun - hiking, swimming, biking.  It feels so good to move again.
I also am so excited to start actually cooking again.  Beans or eggs for dinner happened so many times this last semester it's a little bit ridiculous.  Who has time for cooking when they have to figure out olde english??  But now, I have things I want to make!  I've been feeling inspired by the versatility of pizza lately, and how many healthy variations it can encompass.  Whole wheat oatmeal crust, here I come.
Sometimes it feels like when I have to work on mandatory things, all sorts of creative ideas come flooding in, which is exactly what was happening over finals.  So I'm very excited to revisit those scrawling pages full of projects waiting to be worked on.
Today was the farmer's market and localfest, a big celebration of all things Missoula.  It got me really excited for the next couple months of freedom I have...
What are you looking forward to now that summer is upon us?


  1. One thing I am most excited about is my daughter's wedding to her Dutch boy in July in Portland, Oregon. Next I am excited to enjoy the warmth of summer out in my backyard oasis with my squirrels all around me eating their peanuts out of my hand. Then I'm anticipating more posts from you because they are always so interesting and they brighten my day.

  2. Congratulations on finishing and these photographs of light and summery colours are wonderful. I too am looking forward to having more time to cook and visit farmer's markets. High-5 to that!

  3. the flutter of possibility hovers in your words. the possibility for something. for nothing. for everything. cherish these moments in time.

    as for me---this summer promises to be full of travel & sundresses. can't wait!

  4. Congratulations on graduating! Enjoy all of your fun projects and the wonderful outdoors.
    My summer will be full of gardening, strolling through small towns, road trips, & a bunch of misc. creative projects. I'm really looking forward to it :)

  5. Gorgeous pics! So sunny! And yay for pizza, honestly, we do pizzas 2 or 3 times a week, with whatever is fresh and at hand on top!

  6. Oh boy. Last year when I graduated from college, I found myself thinking I should be do homework ALL THE TIME. I'd go sit in Starbucks and read the newspaper or write in my journal, shocked at my freedom but still feeling like I needed to be busy.

    AND I'd also cook beans and eggs all the time, too. Studying Middle English it was!


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