05 May 2010

wandering through the morning...

with a mug full of tea and a mind full of magic...
stopping to admire my new aloe plant... it was a gift from a stranger who was walking around missoula handing them out to those who were smiling...
enjoying a peanut butter spoon for breakfast... the organic, real, just peanuts kind of peanut butter...
making little 2x2 envelopes for mother's day gifts...
and cutting out my new stickers (more on this later)... 

it's been a glorious, (cold but) sunny morning, full of new projects, yummy treats, poetry, and planning...

where have your morning wanderings taken you?


  1. I can't tell you how much I love the idea of "a gift from a stranger who was walking around missoula handing them out to those who were smiling..." Fantastic! My morning? It has been spent sifting through words and enjoying how some choose to fit them together. Here are a few combinations that have inspired me "the small decencies that maintain civilization", "a once-elegant city in the process of deterioration" and "the nameless pond" I hope your afternoon is as good as your morning.

  2. I LOVE your tea cup!! So cute. I wish someone would give me an aloe plant :) I've actually been meaning to get one, but haven't made it to the florist yet. I absolutely love mornings (especially Saturday mornings) they are a beautiful thing. Lovely post.

  3. Those little envelopes are so cute!

  4. It sounds like the most glorious of mornings, dear Liz. I am always so glad when I stop by here... I feel a little bit like time stops and I get to really enjoy some time with you. Thank you.

    It's nearing the end of the day here, but I'm already reveling in having a quiet morning at home tomorrow morning. And I'll most likely think of you and this lovely post when I have my morning cup of tea.


  5. that mug!! the yummy PB!! those stickers!!!! if you plan on putting those up in the shop--i will be so pleased!

    my morning consisted of chai and a dive into bed this morning. work was crazy! i love when i have a few days off and can enjoy a lazy sunrise!

  6. that peanut butter looks delicious. i love the perspective on that shot, too.

  7. organic peanut butter is so much better than processed kind. and you tea cup is absolutely adorable!

  8. I'm a big fan of the peanut butter breakfast too.


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