20 June 2010

antarctic music

just a quick post today to share a mix i made in preparation for my journey to antarctica.
i hope you like it!

edit: for some reason the embedded player isn't working for me, so if it doesn't work for you either, you can also find the playlist HERE


  1. To Antarctica!?!!! WOW, how great is that. You will have a wonderful time, looking forward already to your pictures ;o)

    Just found your lovely blog. Off to read some of your past posts...

    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday! xx

  2. That is so cool, I am sooo excited for you (and admire you so much, I mean, how many people actually GO to Antarctica?? Good for you!

  3. this playlist is pure pure love.

  4. so jealous you are going to antarctica! one of my life goals is to visit every continent... i only have australia and antarctica left to go!

    i can't wait to hear about your trip!


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