17 June 2010

flashdance and biscotti

Okay, first of all, I just saw Flashdance for the first time last night, and I want ALL of Jennifer Beals' clothes from the film.
Except maybe the shirtless tuxedo she wears to dinner... I wish I could pull that off.  How fun is it to bundle up on cold rainy evenings and watch '80s movies?  I hadn't seen any in way too long.
Okay, now that I've gotten that off my chest, can we also just briefly discuss that I am on an underwear binge?  I've bought myself 14 new pairs in the past week.  It's bad.  And so good.
For father's day this year, I'm throwing a big scavenger hunt for my stepdad, with little homemade goodies along the way.  He is a man that buys everything he wants for himself, and so is literally the hardest person to get gifts for, ever.  Especially when I am broke.  But he loves experiential things, so this scavenger hunt is taking him on a hike and everything.  He also loves biscotti.  Have you ever made biscotti?  After today, I have concluded that either it's the hardest thing to bake, or every recipe on the internet is a lie.  I tried three different recipes, and the last one I added 2 more cups of flour than it asked for, and it finally worked.  Just look:
Failed attempt number one.  Flat, hard, and tasted like egg toothpaste.  I gagged.
Failed attempt number two.  Also flat and hard, but a little better tasting.
And finally - success.  But only kind of success... the biscotti alone is probably the most boring thing I've ever eaten, but dipped in dark chocolate and coconut or slivered almonds, and yeah, it's good.
Last, I've been working on some jewelry which I am very excited about.  I can't stop wearing it either, which is probably a good sign.  And how fun is that nail polish color?  I haven't painted my nails since junior high, but I saw Kate Miss's nails in this picture, and NEEDED mine to look the same.
I hope you're all having the loveliest week.


  1. What a sweet & thoughtful idea for your Dad! I LOVE biscotti too :) I've had pretty good luck with this recipe... http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Almond-Biscotti/Detail.aspx

    I add mini chocolate chips to mine.

  2. egg toothpaste! hahaha! too funny :)
    Those final biscotti's look so good!! & I love the nail polish, I may need to copy you ;)

  3. 80's movies = LOVE.
    biscotti = LOVE.
    treats for dad= LOVE.
    and that nailpolish.....is there something more than love? :)

    have a great weekend! (excited to see the jewelry!!)

  4. Man I love that nail polish. Also, your gift is super creative. My present consists of a card that says "sorry dad, unemployed and broke, maybe we'll do something fun someday when i get a job", haha.

  5. I love biscotti...and covered in dark chocolate...mmm sounds good! I love the color of your nail polish! I recently got a color similar to that. Thank you for the visit! I appreciated your nice comment!

  6. Yes biscotti are funny things. Although when Giada makes them on TV they look super-easy!!

  7. my dad is the same way. so hard to buy for! he already has everything! but fab job on that biscotti! i'm totally impressed with your persistance :) i haven't attempted it yet, but biscotti is definitely a big deal around my house. i bet it was delish!


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