22 June 2010

jewelry + ch ch changes

So, that jewelry I was working on... I've decided to share some with you!  I had been experimenting with shrink plastic and came up with some really fun, summery designs. 
This is a pair I haven't stopped wearing for the past week.
Then there are feathers,
and more variations of this fun design.
I even designed some special packaging for them!  So fun... the first big group of them are being given to friends, but if I have time and if there is any interest, I might post some in the shop as well.
Time is picking up and the days are flying by faster and faster.  I've been working on the mounds of paperwork necessary for working in Antarctica, and am still getting all of my medical and dental tests done.  I am SO excited because I'm getting a new laptop on Thursday.  The one I currently use takes about 10+ minutes just to start up... so I'm finally making the switch to Apple... a macbook pro.  Yay!  In all honesty, I'm a little nervous about the swap, but I know it's going to be so good.  It's also going to enable me to post videos from my travels, woohoo!
My other exciting happening is that I'm going to Boston next week to see my Dad, family, and high school friends.  I grew up in southern Maine, just 15 mins from the beach, but since I've moved out to Montana, I haven't been swimming in the ocean for years... that will be remedied next week!  Hooray!  There will be lots and lots of photos posted, stay tuned.
I've been toying around with the idea of organizing this space a little better for the upcoming changes... I'll be working 60 hour weeks in Antarctica, traveling, HUGE time differences, experiencing very limited internet access, and having many more friends and family visiting the blog (my doctor's office requested it so they can all follow along, eek!)  I'm absolutely set on continuing the blog and having it grow, so there's no way I'm letting the daunting challenges coming up set me back at all.  So I'm wondering, do you guys find it better to have specific posts (like themes, etc.) or does that quickly become constraining?  And how about as a reader, does that get boring and predictable?  Hmm...
I trust you all had a fantastically delicious Solstice.  The scavenger hunt for Father's Day was a huge success... he asked if we could do it every weekend.  And thanks for all the biscotti encouragement, that was greatly appreciated after what felt like endless failure.  Enjoy the summer day!


  1. Those earrings are so fun! Have fun on your trip - there's nothing better than a dip in the ocean :)

  2. Um, I like to think I'm a friend : )

  3. Oh gosh, I am not a theme person so I like everything, actually like you have been doing it. I feel that themes can kind of trip up your mind and give you writer's cramp. And please, please, keep on blogging. I always get excited when I see you have posted something new. (you know my blogspot url is RANDOMNESS! haahaha

  4. Realy pretty earrings. Very creative

  5. i'm kind of a rambler, liz. i already love what you share and am glad to hear that you'll be continuing on from antarctica.

  6. oh the earrings are gorgeous I hope you put some in the shop!!!


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