14 June 2010

moments from a summer's monday

Moments from a Summer's Monday:
-Waking very early, only to stay in bed and watch the sun move across my walls
-Rising to bake coconut bread with sliced almonds and chocolate chunks [recipe]
-A long, meandering bike ride along the river, pausing to dip my toes
-Buying new underwear, and work clothes, and other necessities for the upcoming adventure
-Revisiting my novel for the first time since its completion, and beginning to edit it
-Working on the organization of a scavenger hunt/birthday present/father's day present... all in one... phew!
-Another visit from the dream cat
-Finding a mix cd from five years ago, and dancing all day to it
-A new dress that fits in perfectly with this long sunny day
-Consolidating lists.  
-Smiling because even after consolidation, there are seven lists.
-Going to bed early (I hope)


  1. mmmmm that bread sounds fabulous!
    and how exciting about the novel!

    and can i admit that i am seriously giddy that the cat came back! how cute!

  2. I just love to read your writings. I want to read that novel of yours!

  3. I've been away from the blog world and it seems I've returned just in time. This post made me smile. Isn't it nice to do small things for yourself, like purchase new underwear? I think so. I had no idea you'd written a novel. Is it secret? I'd love to know what it is about. I need to make that bread again, soon. I hope you enjoyed it. Time to address my own lists... Enjoy Dream Cat.


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