01 June 2010

rain and sheep and june

It's raining again.
But it's okay because every time it stops for a couple of hours, I go out and take shots of gorgeous little droplets sitting all over the place.  Just hangin' out.
Today I went for a stroll up in the North Hills, and got pretty soaked.  But I went out to visit the sheep that are working up there.  Their job is to eat the invasive plants like spotted knapweed.  This picture is from the hike I took over the weekend, when the sun was actually out.  I didn't get as close to the sheep this time, but they were still there, munching away.
This guy was one of three identical sheep dogs who also had a job, keeping an eye out.  It was funny and pretty cute to come across all these animals working on their very specific jobs, without any human supervision.
Even though it's raining, there's a new wave of optimism that comes with June.  It is certain that it will be sunny and warm, very soon.  And it is also certain that picnics by the river, the re-emergence of freckles, root beer floats, and summer concerts are all on their way.
I can't wait!
Happy, happy June!

p.s. Remember those elephant stickers I promised, weeks ago?  They're finally up.  Go look.


  1. Mmm, a root beer float would be so good right now.

    I like that the sheep get to eat and the invasive plants disappear. I've seen goats doing the same, and chickens too.

  2. That dog does not look very happy to be out there at all! I would love to know if you live on a ranch or a farm. Where do all these sheep come from that you take photos of?

  3. aren't little water droplets just magic?
    i love the peacefulness of those sheep in the field. those kind of images are one thing we definately miss out on in the city!

    as for the book i'm reading---it's "the help". which i can't recommend enough. i am about 3/4 of the way finished--and unless it has a horrible ending, i can say it's one of my favorite reads. ever.

  4. i like the idea of visiting sheep at work. i want to do that. and so, i'm putting that on my to-do list. your photos are so appealing.

  5. the shot of the dog is so wonderful. i love it!

    xo Alison

  6. They way you describe summer even the freckles re-emerging is lovely. Happy June to you and I love this set of photos.

  7. june is my favorite month of the year :)

    loving the rain. it makes everything feel so fresh.

  8. These images are really beautiful {the dog is so cute}! I just want to tell you, I really love your blog, it's a daily read for me. Every post is so great!! ♥♥♥


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