07 June 2010

thank you + shop special

Wow thank you so much for all the support in my upcoming adventure! 
A lot of you asked what I'd be doing down there, and I'm afraid my job isn't all that glamorous, since my work is supporting the researchers who do all the cool science stuff.  I'll just be cleaning - dorms, bathrooms, facilities, etc.  But!  My department is known for being very artsy and eccentric, so it sounds like it will be a great group of people.  Most of all, I'm just so excited and grateful to have such a grand adventure that's also going to help me pay off some student loans, and so fresh out of college!
So, as promised, I have a special going on for you lovely readers this week in the shop, to celebrate life and all its gifts.  I thought about having a certain percent off for readers, but I think this will be much more fun.  For every item you buy, I will add a surprise something into the package.  The surprise is part of the fun, I think... it might be a set of stickers, or one of the new 5x7 prints I just had made, or a couple of postcards... All you have to do is enter Tangible Ingredients into the "message to seller" box at check out.  This bonus is going on until Sunday 11:59pm MST.  I'm very excited... let the surprise gifts begin! 


  1. It is very late and I must go to bed, but I will study on the "shop" offerings tomorrow. Sweet Dreams, Adventure Lady!

  2. what a seriously grand adventure you are going to have!!!! can't wait to go peruse the shop!

  3. Cool idea, can't wait to hear about all of your wonderful adventures! XO!

  4. Your blog is soo pretty and so are your pictures I'm now following you. Keep up the good work :D


  5. You have a great blog! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a nice comment!

  6. Aw, thanks girl for stopping by and saying hey. It will be too fun just experimenting with flavors and such for this cake...can't wait to try it all out!

  7. your new adventure sounds absolutely incredible! it will be such an unforgettable part of your life!

  8. Just found you through Britni at Antika Moda. Congratulations on your upcoming adventures - and I LOVE your Etsy shop! Hope you have a great day.


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