03 July 2010

boston, blackberries, bonfires, best friends!

Oh my!  The past few days have been such a whirlwind.  On Wednesday, after watching this gorgeous sunset and experiencing the most insane thunderstorm ever (the lightning was literally like a strobe light), I flew to Boston.  Except for some reason, in Minneapolis, all flights to Denver were canceled.  So there was a sad night spent in a run down motel, watching trashy television.  But finally, I got to Boston.  And basically haven't caught my breath since.  To make up for the quiet here the past few days, I'm posting a whole bunch of photos.  Ready, set, go...
After sleeping in a lonely motel full of restless, noisy people, waking up in the cozy bed in the house of a best friend was such a welcome joy.
Oh, Maine, the way life should be... I visited my old stomping grounds, which feel so different than they did when I was growing up.
I frolicked at the beach with best friends, always mandatory.  And yes, that's me on the right, there is no way I ever get that tan.
Sand is so incredible when you really stop and contemplate it.
The parents of friends who used to drive us to other friends' houses were our designated drivers this time, a funny and slightly awkward new development.
Back at my Dad's house outside of Boston, I raided his blackberry bushes and savored the sweet sunshine taste in between dashes through the sprinkler.
And finally, this evening, I enjoyed a toasty bonfire in the backyard with my Dad and stepmom, planning our next week together.  Organization of our daily activities together has gotten more difficult because a year and a half ago they adopted 9 month old twins.  Now our days revolve around nap schedules, which can be trying, but there are certainly far more giggles these days.  It's been a bizarre transition and I'm never quite sure how to refer to them.  My brother lived here with them for a year, so he feels close enough to call them his siblings, but for me, it feels pretty strange.  So for now, I call them the twins.  It works.
In all of the hubbub, I didn't even realize that the post before this one was my 100th!  A rather un-extraordinary post, but the 100th all the same.  I'm slowly but surely crossing things off of my list of 23!
I'm sure I will have lots more to share with you through the next week's adventures.  I can't wait to catch up on all of the beautiful blogs out there.  I hope everyone has a delicious, sun-filled holiday tomorrow!  Our goals are to swim, eat, relax, and laugh.  I wish the same for all of you, too!


  1. sounds fun. 100 posts. congrats. happy 4th.

  2. This looks fantastic! Sounds like you're having a great trip :)

  3. YUM! Those blackberries looks fabulous! And congrats on 100 posts!

  4. Wonderful things happening and congratulations on #100!

  5. these pictures are amazing!! i can't wait to get maine myself :)

  6. Those blackberries look yummy. I hope you've been swimming, eating, relaxing, and laughing.

  7. Beautiful images! I long for an east coast vacation!


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