07 July 2010

from the backseat

I've been riding around in the back of a van the past few days, craning my neck to see all of the diverse scenes whizzing by.  The landscape is so drastically different than it is in Montana.  Here are a few shots I've snapped haphazardly from the backseat.


  1. I don't do well in back seats. It seems you do much better. I really like the still and motion combined in the last image.

  2. Hey, I love the backseat! And plus you can take a little nap back there ;-)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous pictures! I get so car sick in the back seat - can't imagine how you can be snapping pics from back there - and such great ones!

  4. oh what beautiful things when can see when in the back seat. lovely pictures!

  5. beautiful! I love being on the road!! I love the sense of adventure.
    these are beautiful images you shot. I really like the colours in the sky.
    I drew your name out of my jar for the sour face game!! You have to send me your mailing address! Thank you for playing! (my e-mail is bonjour.celine (at) gmail.com)


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