12 July 2010

from the sky

I'm back from Boston.
It was a glorious trip, filled with laughter and love.  Perfect in so many ways.
I must say, I forgot how awful humidity is.  And I'm looking forward to forgetting again.
It's always a little bit difficult going from one home to another, because there's the excitement of returning to one, and the sorrow of leaving the other; these feelings are often irreconcilable.  There's so much good in both places, and they are polar opposites.
Luckily I didn't get stuck overnight in Minneapolis this time, but I did get stuck in window seats.  Somehow sitting in the aisle seats helps me feel far less claustrophobic, but I decided to embrace my situation and enjoy the rare view.
The people sitting next to me probably thought I was ridiculous, taking so many photos out of a dirty airplane window.  I just couldn't get enough of that deep rich blue and the white line at the horizon.
 Finally, back to the mountains...


  1. I always love blue and white. You captured the blue and yellow so well too.

  2. Love the photos. They look great for being taken from the other side of an airplane window. :)

  3. Really beautiful photos!! I love the view from a plane, it's so strange to see the world that way.

    ps. thanks so much for your sweet comment!! :)

  4. So pretty! I've always failed at taking pictures out airplane windows, but probably because I'm usually attempting to use a camera phone... haha.

    Watch for an order from me from your Etsy shop soon (hopefully!) It looks like I'm about to get a job offer, so I can finally buy some awesome stuff before your shop closes (I hope I buy in time! :-P) I have a couple friends' birthdays coming up next month so I'm gonna buy some earrings from ya :-D

  5. i love flying... it's nice to grab a window seat and just gaze at the clouds.

    welcome home!

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  7. Looking down or over at clouds is pretty special to behold. I'm glad you snapped a bunch of shots and I loved the ones you took in Montana!

  8. those photos turned our great!!

  9. We are kindred spirits! I take pictures from the dirty plane windows all the time. I love those photos. I always wonder if people think I'm a little nuts or perhaps obsessive. But where else can you get a "plane eye view" of the world?

  10. These are beautiful..! I have missed your words and photographs, dear. I see you've been well. That makes me happy.



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